Keyboard Shortcuts Here are some handy keyboard shortcuts you can use in the BiblePaint Coloring Book...

Arrow Keys = Move

The arrow keys can be used to move the current tool. Holding down the [Shift] key moves more quickly.

Space-bar = Activate

The space-bar is like clicking with the mouse.

You can use it to paint with the bucket, select a color when over the palette, or choose a tool, etc.

You can even use it with the brushes, marker and eraser to paint or draw by holding it down and then moving with the mouse or arrow keys.

Enter / Return = Select Tool

The "Enter" key selects the next available tool.

Numbers 1 to 9 = Tool Size

You can press the numbers from 1 to 9 to adjust the size of the current brush, marker pen or eraser.  1 is the smallest size and 9 is the largest.

"<" = Previous Color

Pressing the "<" button goes to the previous color.

">" = Next Color

Pressing the ">" button goes to the next color.

"[" = Previous Palette

Pressing the "[" button goes to the previous color palette.

"]" = Next Palette

Pressing the "]" button goes to the next color palette.

Page Up = Previous Coloring Page

The "Page Up" button goes to the previous coloring page.

Page Down = Next Coloring Page

The "Page Down" button goes to the next coloring page.

+ (plus) = Zoom In, - (minus) = Zoom Out

Press the "+" key to zoom in one level. Press the minus key to zoom back out.

Esc, or Ctrl + Z = Undo (Oops!)

Pressing Esc, or Ctrl+Z will undo the last action.

Ctrl + P = Print

Press Ctrl+P to print the current coloring page to your default printer.

Ctrl + S = Save

Press Ctrl+S to save the current coloring page.

F2 = Show Bible Verses

Press F2 to view the Bible Verses for the current picture.

Alt + F4 = Quit

Press Alt + F4 to quit.