The BiblePaint Coloring Book is fun and easy to use.

Parts of the BiblePaint Coloring Book

Using the coloring book


You can double-click the title, "BiblePaint", to switch between full-screen and window-mode.  When in window-mode, you can click on the title and drag the coloring book around the screen, or adjust the size of the window by dragging the edges.

Coloring Page

coloring-pageThe coloring page appears in the middle of the screen. Use the previous and next buttons to choose a new picture.


undoUndo: The "Oops" button allows you to undo several recent changes.

zoomZoom In / Zoom Out: Zoom in to work on fine details. Zoom out again to see the whole picture. When you are zoomed in, scroll bars will appear if needed.

save Save: The save button saves a copy of the currently colored in picture to your save directory. Each time it is pressed a new file is created.

printPrint: Prints the current colored in picture to your default printer.

infoBible Verse: Click to open the Bible verse, which shows the verses from the Bible for the current picture.

previous-nextPrevious and Next: The previous and next buttons go to the previous or next coloring page in the book.

optionsOptions: Open the options to adjust the music and sound effects volume, to turn hints on and off, and to select the language to use.

Window Buttons

quitQuit: The quit button ends the program. When clicked you will be asked if you are sure, and can answer "Yes" or "No".

restoreRestore: Switches between full-screen and windowed mode.

minimizeMinimize: Minimizes the program to the task bar.

Color Palette

paint-colorsTo choose a color, dip the paint bucket, brush, or magic brush in the paint on the palette. To choose another palette click on the arrows.

Tool Size

tool-sizeThe tool size sets the width of the paint brush, magic brush, marker pen, and eraser.


Choose a tool by clicking on it...

paint-bucketFill: The paint bucket fills an area of the picture with color. Dip it into the paint on the palette or the mixing tray to choose a new color.

paint-brushBrush: The paint brush lets you color the coloring page with paint strokes. Dip it into the paint on the palette or the mixing tray to choose a new color.

magic-brushMagic Brush: The magic brush is a clever version of the paint brush - It stays inside the lines!

dropperDropper: Use the dropper to suck up paint from the palette, the mixing tray or even off the picture, and squirt it into the mixing tray. Squirting into an empty tray will put the color there, squirting into one that has paint already will mix the two colors. You can suck up varying amounts depending on the mix required. When using the dropper, aim the tip of the opening at the paint.

markerMarker Pen: The marker pen lets you draw new black outlines. You can draw onto an exisiting coloring page, or start with a blank page and create your own picture.

eraserEraser: The eraser removes black outlines. Use it along with the marker pen to create your own picture.

washWash: Turn on the tap to wash the paint away. You can wash out a pot on the mixing tray, and you can wash the entire picture clean, so that you can start over.

Mixing Tray

mixing-trayThe mixing tray is where you mix colors together using the dropper tool. To clean a pot use the wash tool (tap).

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